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"We're going to come in low, off the M3. Wait untill we're about a mile out and put on the music. I play the Wurzels, scares the hell out of the locals, and my boys love it"

Latest News:

New toys I wish the club could own, a .22 belt fed rifle. Something for the America Tour!

And a little video for the full effect. Auto .22 (2.7MB)

Please would all club members remember that this year is an Election year for the club. All committee positions will be up for election. I would like to remind everyone that Antony will be stepping down as Vice Secretary this year. This is an important role within the club so if you are interested please find out as much as you can before putting in a nomination. The position of Airgun Captain will also fall vacant due to Antony's leaving.

The club has been issued with a Firearms Certificate and is on the lookout for guns to put on it. We have already filled our 7.62mm and .22 slots. We still have slots for .303 and .357 rifles. I intend this year to put in for Black Powder approval for the club to add to our available shooting disciplines.


25 May 2003. First medals won under the club's name - Details

12 May 2003. Club Inaugural shoot a success - Details

April 2003. Provisional Home Office Approval Granted - Details - updated 30 April 2003

March 2003. Club Bank Account & membership rates decided - Details