Inaugural Shoot

The club has gotten off to a flying start with the inaugural shoot on the 10th May. 9 members shot a variety of guns and disciplines. The morning was spent at 500 yards on Century range with a .303 and a 7.62. Ollie pulled in the best score of the day, with Micky taking the wooden spoon - yet again, however, at least I hit the target this time! The afternoon was spent on Melville range with a .357 Winchester L/A carbine and a Ruger 10/22 semi-auto. After some initial general blatting, producing a plethora of grins all round, we had an informal competition based on the old Police Pistol 1 discipline. Standards were surprisingly high, considering the length of time it has been since most of us have shot. Three people, Chris, Simon and Lee, put in scores of 290 ex 300 with the Ruger and Pete put in an impressive 283 with the .357. Trying to fire 2 shots in 2 seconds with a lever action is not as easy as you'd think. I yet again pulled in the lowest, but it didn't help that out of the last 6 shots I missed with 5 of them. Thanks to Mr Clarke's reputation (senior Mr Clarke that is) we have made a number of new friends on the camp. We have also begun the task of spreading our reputation around the place, and yet again were the last to leave the London & Middlesex bar on Saturday night. The date of the next full club shoot is yet to be announced, however, a number of people are going to the Phoenix Meeting and will be entering competitions under the club name. It has only taken 2492 days for the club to become a reality however we are truly up and running. The spent case from the first round fired by our illustrious chairman Mr Clarke has been kept and is to be turned into a club trophy. The exact competition is yet to be decided a discussion thread has been started on the forum for ideas. So, ladies and gentlemen, charge your glasses, the toast is - Here's to us and those like us as there is too be a damn sight more of us soon, HUZZAH!