7.1 All Club members, on completion of the membership form, agree to abide by this Constitution, The Code of Conduct, The Rulebook and any applicable Club Policy. Failure to do so may result in a fine, suspension or expulsion from The Club.

7.2 Club members will pay for ammunition and any range fees before shooting. The Treasurer may make exceptions to this rule on a personal basis, however, the treasurer reserves the right to demand immediate payment of any outstanding monies.. Failure to pay by the time set by the Treasurer may result in suspension or expulsion from The Club. Further action may be taken by the Committee.

7.3 Should any financial penalty be imposed for disregarding the above, it will be the responsibility of the member(s) concerned to meet the penalty. The Club excepts no responsibility for members conduct which is against the law, the Constitution of The Club, the Code of Conduct and The Rulebook.