5.1 Membership of The Club shall be open to all ex-members of United Kingdom based universities shooting clubs, except where the Officers of The Club deem the proposed to be unsuitable for any reason.

5.2 Full Members.
Full members are those who have satisfied the committee that they are safe, responsible and dedicated shooters by means of the probationary period, as described in 5.2. Applicants will have to satisfy all the Officers that they are deserving of full membership of The Club. Full members must attend shoots in accordance with the law to retain full membership. The Club is obliged to inform the police of any firearms certificate holder who ceases to be a full member of The Club or who fails to attend a shoot over a 12 month period.

5.3 Probationary Members.
All new members will be subject to a probationary period of six months. They must demonstrate that they are deserving of full membership and that they are safe, responsible and dedicated shooters. The Officers may extend the probationary period and if deemed necessary include extra conditions. Any probationary member who has not attended any shoots within the first year after joining may be removed from the roll of membership at the discretion of the Committee. Such a member will have no claim on their subscription or any other fees paid. Probationary members will not be supported by the club in relation to an application for a firearms certificate.

5.4 Honorary Members.
Honorary Membership will be granted, by vote, at the AGM to anyone who, in the opinion of the meeting, has furthered the cause of shooting, has rendered outstanding service to shooting sports in general or performed above and beyond the call of duty in service of The Club. Honorary Members will not be expected to pay membership fees and may have probationary or full membership subject to satisfying the criteria laid out above.

5.5 All members will sign a declaration allowing the secretary to contact the member's doctor and ask that, in their opinion, that person is safe to be a member of The Shooting Club. No actual medical information will be sought.

5.6 All shooting members must sign a declaration to the effect that they are not prohibited to possess a firearm or ammunition by virtue of section 21 of the Firearms Act 1968. A Copy of Section 21 of the 1968 Firearms Act is available on request.

5.7 All members will be required to give details of any application for a firearms or shotgun certificate being refused or if they have had a certificate revoked.

5.8 Upon application for membership of The Club, the secretary will inform the police of the name and address of the applicant and of the outcome of the application.

5.9 New members already in possession of a firearms certificate which contains firearms for the same classes as the club is approved, may be admitted as full members with a discretionary probationary period. This also applies to full members of other Home Office Approved clubs provided these clubs have the same approval classes at The Club. Details of firearms certificates or membership will be required to allow verification checks to be carried out by The Committee. Such cases will be at the discretion of the Committee. Current officers of the police and armed forces who, in the course of their duties handle firearms, may be granted full membership without the statutory probationary period upon receipt of a statement from their commanding officer stating that they are fully trained in handling the firearms for which The Club is approved.

5.10 The Committee may remove, by majority vote, from the roll of membership any member whose conduct on the range, upon premises occupied by The Club or elsewhere is, Objectionable, dangerous or calculated to bring The Club into disrepute. Such a member will have no claim on The Club for any monies paid. Such a member may appeal to a panel of four members selected at random provided notification of such an appeal is lodged in writing within ten days of the disciplinary meetings verdict. The member will remain suspended from Club activities until the appeal hearing delivers it's decision. Such an appeal meeting will consider evidence submitted by the secretary (on behalf of The Club) and the defence in written form. The verdict will be delivered to a committee member not present at the original hearing or privy to the evidence supplied there.