4.1 Elections for all Officers will take place biannually at The Club's AGM.

4.2 Nomination forms will be available from the Returning Officer in an election year from 1st June and must be returned no later than 1st July.

4.3 A list of nominees will be sent with a ballot paper to each member of The Club to be returned to the Returning Officer before the date set by them, or to be brought in person to the AGM.

4.4 All candidates will stand against a choice of "No Suitable Candidate". In the event of No Suitable Candidate being returned nominations will be re-opened and a second election called at a time to be decided b the meeting. A member can be co-opted to fill any vacancy arising.

4.5 Candidates may submit a manifesto of no more than 300 words which will be sent with the ballot paper.

4.6 All Officials elected will hold office for a period of two years, notwithstanding any lapse in membership.

4.7 A member may only hold one officer position within The Club. They may however also hold one other captain position.

4.8 To remove an official before their term of office will require 10 members to submit a motion of impeachment, stating reasons to the Chairman, or in the case against the Chairman, the Secretary. A ballot paper will be issued along with the case for and against the impeachment. The arguments for and against will be submitted in writing and are limited to 300 words. Impeachment will require a two-thirds majority to be successful and over 50% of club members must have voted.