2.1 Government of The Club.
The Club shall be governed by the following system:
a) General Meetings;
b) Committee.

2.2 Ordinary General Meetings shall:
a) Be called as and when required;
b) Have a quorum of 20% of The Club's membership or 6 members, whichever is highest;
c) Receive and discuss recommendations from the members;
d) Have the power to formulate policy;
e) Have the power to overturn a decision taken by the committee, provided such a decision would not render a breach in English Law;
f) Make alterations to the Constitution;
g) Receive and approve budget recommendations;
h) Dissolve The Club.

2.3 In addition the Annual General Meeting of The Club shall:
a) Be called to coincide with a club shoot held in July or August. The AGM will be held at NRA Ranges, Bisley Camp;
b) Discuss the budget for the following year including affiliations and membership fees;
c) Hold elections for the committee every alternate year in accordance with the election regulations laid down in section 4;
d) Update the policy document if necessary;
e) Receive and approve, or not, any recommendations for Honorary Membership.

2.4 The Committee shall:
a) Comprise of the four Officers, the Social Secretary and any other posts as required to assist in the running of The Club;
b) Have a quorum of three members, of which two must be officers, except for approval of full membership where all four officers will be required, voting by post if necessary;
c) Be responsible for the day to day overall running of The Club;
d) Have the sole right to veto Club events;
e) Have the power to formulate Club policy, rules and regulations to govern The Club;
f) Grant, or not, full membership of The Club;
g) Call, at its discretion, Emergency General Meetings;
h) Form the disciplinary panel;
i) Arrange all General Meetings and Committee Meetings;
j) Have the power to appoint subcommittees for special purposes;
k) Meet as and when required.

2.5 Management.
The power of management of The Club is vested in the Officers of The Club.