1.1 Name.
The name of The Club shall be "The Spent Cases Shooting Club" hereinafter known as "The Club".

1.2 Membership.
a) There shall be three classes of membership of The Club as defined in Section 5:
i) Full members;
ii) Probationary members;
iii) Honorary Members.

1.3 Rights of membership of The Club.
a) The Rights of Full Members will be to:
i) Use club equipment, subject to approval;
ii) Attend and vote at Club General Meetings;
iii) Vote in Club elections;
iv) Use any Club firearms at Club shoots subject to any charges as laid down in The Club Rulebook;
v) Take advantage of all shooting facilities provided by The Club;
vi) Hold office within The Club subject to any limitations listed in The Club Rulebook;
vii) Enter local and national competitions under The Club's name;
viii) Apply for a firearms certificate citing The Club's name.
b) The rights of Probationary Membership shall be those in section a), subsections i) to v) above.
c) Honorary Members shall be granted as either probationary or full membership dependant upon passing the relevant criteria as laid down by this document. Their rights shall be those set out for the relevant category of shooting membership, save that they will be exempt from membership fee.

1.4 Objects.
The objects of The Club shall be:
a) To promote the interests of all shooters who are citizens of the United Kingdom;
b) To promote the furtherance of target shooting, by means of competition, in the interests of the Defence of the Realm and the Permanence of the Volunteer and Auxiliary Forces, Naval, Military and Air;
c) To provide facilities, advice and assistance such as may be necessary to comply with the objects of the club.