Club Policy

Fabricati Diem

The club exists to promote the sport of shooting. This simple statement is at the heart of the club's ideals. We do not feel that shooting should be thought of as rifle, pistol, gallery rifle, clay pigeon, game, air gun, sporting, target etc. Shooting is a sport as a whole, much as athletics is a sport as a whole. You don't see athletics club's restricting themselves to just track events and then looking down on field eventers as being some form of lesser athlete. Shooting, unfortunately, is currently a divided sport. One area looks down upon another, and consequently those feelings are reciprocated. There is an approach of until my part of the sport is under threat, why should I support other shooters. Slowly, but surely, we are whittled away and before you know it, owning a pea shooter will be an offence. As a club we encourage our members to take the opportunity to try new areas of the shooting spectrum. We encourage competition and individual rivalry between members but above all we want our members to enjoy what they shoot no matter the level of skill. As stated below, our primary concern is safety. If you are safe then we just want you to have fun.

We also hope to educate, both our members and the general public, about shooting and the people who take part in it. This is why I encourage people to use gun or firearm rather than weapon, even when talking about air guns. We don't use weapons in our sport. You don't hear of the javelin thrower referring to their javelin as a weapon or spear, but it is just a modified spear and the sport developed from soldiers proving their spear throwing skills. We must take the opportunity to educate the public about our sport when we can. We cannot deny some of the acts individuals have done. We can however inform people of the facts, many of which are ignored by those supposed to give us the information. Unfortunately the facts are often very dull and don't evoke the same emotions as selective information.

With this in mind, we present the club's policy document. Rules are added from time to time by committee members. The policies are not strict rules, but more guidelines for members conduct. Penalties are also more likely to be light hearted if imposed. The Club presents . . . The Policy Document . . .

General Club Policy

1. We shoot with guns or firearms never weapons.
2. The primary concern of the club is safety. The primary goal of the club is to enjoy our shooting.
3. Whosoever is declared to be "Keeper of the Gnome" at club events will be solely responsible for keeping Russ safe and sound.

Club Tour Rules:

1. What goes on tour, stays on tour!

Club Etiquette

1. In recognition of the naval college roots of Plymouth University, toasts may be declared as being conducted in accordance with Naval etiquette.
2. At club gatherings members will be asked to remember absent friends, our liver and kidneys being three of them.
3. The Club toast shall be "Here's to us, and those like us, as there's damn few of us left! Huzzah!" and may be called at any time.
4. Indiscretions by club members on tour or elsewhere will not be mentioned after a three month period of the event taking place and in accordance with above, never to anyone who was not on that tour.

There will be more over time.