More photos from this years Isle Of Man Festival of Sport

The intrepid fusiliers. Spot the ones out on the beer on Saturday night.

I believe that this further proves that my end of the range was foggier. I told you it wasn't my fault I couldn't hit the target.

Yep! Definitely foggier on the left hand side. You should see what it was like on target 1.

I have absolutely no excuse for this. I'd plead insanity but who's going to listen to the ravings of a madman? I claim that my right eye was still blocked by fog from Saturday.

In God we trust, or so the Dollar Bill tells us. In our Committee, we despair, or so I say.

Somehow, finally, we made it through another Isle of Man with 0 casualties. For how much longer these creaking bones and groaning livers will last is anyone's guess. Until we eventually find out -

Here's to us, and those like us, as there's damn few of us left.


"Nurse, my dialysis machine if you would be so kind"