Transcript of financial decision to affiliate to the NRA. Members able to participate: Pete Clarke, Simon Hardy, Micky Kemp, Antony Dingle, Lee Sargant.

NRA Affiliation - Thread started on 31st October 2002.

Micky Kemp

First formal request for money from the club account as soon as it is available.
Request £92.95 for NRA affiliation for next year.
Simon will have the forms in the next couple of days. They are all completed just needs the cash.
I believe that the current balance is £50.

Simon Hardy

All ready to go, just needs a stamp (the kind that cost 26p not size 9 Cats) on the envelope, otherwise postie won't deliver it.

Lee Sargant

I approve.

Last post on: 11th November 2002.


Cheque raised for £92.95 to affiliate to the National Rifle Association for 2003.