Code Of Conduct

1. The instructions of the range officers will be obeyed at all times without question.
2. The breach/cylinder/bolt/action of every gun must be open when not being used on the range. The gun is always treated as if it is loaded, even if it has been cleared.
3. Do NOT touch the gun without the permission of the range officer.
4. Do NOT load cylinders/magazines without the permission of the range officer.
5. Do NOT shoot without the permission of the range officer.
6. Do NOT enter the firing area/point during a detail.
7. Do NOT leave the firing area/point during a detail.
8. NEVER move in front of the firing point until the range has been declared clear by the range officer, who must have personally seen that all guns are unloaded and have their actions open, and then declare the range CLEAR.
9. Shooters may not leave the firing point for any reason until their firearms are declared clear by the range officer.
10. Clear away your empty cases/dropped live rounds AFTER firing has ceased and the range has been declared clear.
11. NEVER FOR ANY REASON POINT A FIREARM AT ANYONE - even if you THINK you know it is unloaded.
12. Guns must be carried unloaded, with their actions OPEN when not in use or cased having been cleared by the Range Officer.
13. Do NOT put your finger on the trigger (even when empty ) unless you are pointing the firearm downrange at a target and the Range Officer has declared it safe to do so.
14. No firearm may have its action closed in the club room or any rooms used by any shooting clubs or in a vehicle unless in its case ready for transportation. When each firearm is taken from its case it must be cleared whilst pointing downrange, and then its action locked open.
15. It is the duty of the committee to ensure that all new members are instructed in the safe handling of guns, and that all new members are given and sign for a copy of the club code of conduct.
16. It is the duty of all members to report any instance of misuse or unsafe gun handling by any member. Any member who in the opinion of the committee commits an offence of unsafe guns handling will be issued with a formal offence notice. This notice could be a dismissal from the club.
17. At the first safety offence, the member will be removed from the range and a decision will be made by the committee as to whether the member may remain in the club.
18. If a member commits a second breach of safety, he/she will be automatically dismissed from the club without a refund of membership fee.
19. Any person who turns up to shoot having been drinking will be asked to leave the range. They will be issued with a formal written notice. If they commit a second offence of any nature they will be expelled from the club.
20. Any person who turns up at the range under the influence of any illegal drug will be expelled from the club immediately. There will be no second chance.
21. All members MUST sign the attendance register when they shoot They must indicate which gun was used, the purpose of the shoot and any applicable scores. This must be done WITHOUT FAIL.
22. Only committee members, duty range officers, and those shooting are to be on the range. All other members are to wait in the anteroom or designated waiting area.
23. Failure to comply with any of the club rules or instructions issued by a club official may result in immediate expulsion from the club. The committee's decision in these matters will be final.

1. All ammunition brought for use on the range must be used. Unless entered on a firearm certificate, no ammunition may be removed.
2. All members must adhere to the rules and regulations of the current firearms acts and those issued by the range owners.

1. Shooting damages hearing and progressively destroys the receptors of high frequency sound. Therefore ear defenders must be worn whilst on the range or behind the firing point.
2. Shooting can also damage your eyesight, so wearing eye protection is strongly advised.
3. There is to be no smoking, eating or drinking on the firing point.
4. On the call of "Cease fire. Clear all guns and bench." Unload the gun. Remove the magazine or empty the cylinder. Place gun on the bench / ground pointing downrange and take one step back from the firing point Wait for the C.R.O. to declare the range is safe and issue further commands. Do not do anything unless ordered to do so by the C.R.O. or a designated official.