Minutes of the reformation meeting held 15th December 1999 at the University Of Plymouth Students' Union.

In attendance:

Antony Dingle, Micky Kemp, Simon Hardy.
Apologies: Micky apologised for not informing anyone else.

The purpose of the meeting was to discuss the viability of reforming the Spent Cases Shooting Club. Having initially formed in 1996 the club has fallen into decline in recent years. The meeting discussed how best to go about getting the club back up and running.

Potential members for the club:

These people may or may not want to join the club but are eligible and likely candidates.
Micky Kemp, Simon Hardy, Antony Dingle, Pete Clarke, Chris Manners, Tim Lewis, Dan Hawker, Russ Higgs, Damian Coombes, Steve Bowden, Trevor Hart, James Atkinson, Glen Anderson, Glen Chittock, Andy Pearce, Ben Marsh, Lee Sargant, Maria Sargant, Keith Langmead, Louise Burr, Helen Duggan, Pete Reid?, Paul Sorrell, Geoff Prin, Mark Hulcoop, Paul Simmons, Wendy Peat, Tom Gabriel, Antony Keeble (Foggy), Helen Thompson?.
A potential 30 members for the club to start with.

Membership fees were decided at £10 for annual membership. A special rate of £150 would be set for life membership. This one off payment may change or be removed at a later date. There would also be a family membership rate of £15 for those people who have made the mistake taken the plunge and got married.

The plans.

As soon as possible we intend to get Home Office Approval, cost £86 last time we checked. For that we need 10 members with firearms certificates. NRA affiliation can be gained easily and that will gain us use of the ranges to arrange practice and match sessions. Other ranges can be got, especially where there is a local concentration of members, i.e. the South West.

So to the committee.

The members so far are:
Chairman: Pete Clarke
Secretary: Micky Kemp
Treasurer: Chris Manners
Vice Secretary: Antony Dingle
Small-bore/NSRA rep: Simon Hardy
Full-bore/NRA rep: Micky Kemp
Shotgun and others to be decided.

Ranges to be used.

NRA Bisley
Plymouth College

Time scale at present is to have HOA and membership set up by end of March 2000.

Meeting closed at an unspecified time.