Minutes of the Spent Cases Shooting Club A.G.M. Held 01:00 Saturday 28th June 1997 in JFK's.

1. Present.

Peter Clarke
Micky Kemp
Chris Manners

2. Election of Officers for 1997-1998.

Chairman. Nominee Peter Clarke, membership number SC-01. Elected.
Secretary. Nominee Micky Kemp, membership number SC-03. Elected.
Treasurer. Nominee Chris Manners, membership number SC-02. Elected.

3. New members.

At meeting only one person reported interest in joining. Lee Sargant was accepted by the officers of the club to become a full member of the Spent Cases Shooting Club.

4. Membership fees.

Membership fees for the year 1997-1998 were agreed at £10 for full membership. A new form of membership was discussed. Social membership will allow ex university club members to join and receive the newsletters and other mailings. The social membership fee will be set at half the full membership fee and will be £5 for the year 1997-1998. Social members will not receive the benefits of affiliation to University of Plymouth Shooting Club.

5. Home Office approval.

Micky reported that Home Office approval will cost £84 and is not obtainable at the moment. Ten people have agreed to become members to satisfy the criteria laid down by the home office at this time but the cash situation prevents us from going further. Micky also reported that Home Office approval criteria was likely to change due to the Firearms (amendment) bill 1997 and that it would be prudent to wait until the new criteria was in place before proceeding. The club therefore decided to wait until next year before continuing this path.

6. Life membership.

Pete asked whether it would be possible to introduce a life membership charge. This charge to be approximately 20 times the current full membership fee. This would be to give the club a cash boost at the start to allow easier obtaining of Home Office approval. As the decision to delay Home Office approval had already been taken this proposal was postponed to a later date.

7. Bank account.

Chris requested that Micky send him all the statements of the club account and have the address changed to have further statements sent to Chris' new address in London. Micky said that he would act immediately.

8. N.P.A. Annual General Meeting.

Micky reported that the University of Plymouth Shooting Club intended to send a representative to this meeting which would be held on July 5th at Bisley. The University club's O.G.M. was to be held the previous day and there would be a discussion on the future of the association. Three proposals had been put forward from the N.P.A. about its future role. i) To wind up the association. ii) To continue in the short term to see through the current surrender/confiscation scheme and then wind up. iii) To remain active and take shooting in new directions whilst continuing to fight against the unjustified confiscation of our property. The Spent Cases Shooting Club decision was to support option three and Micky would take our decision to the University club's O.G.M. for consideration in their decision.

9. Colours.

Pete and Chris decided that next year the Spent Cases Shooting Club would ensure that the University of Plymouth Shooting Club would put Micky in for full colours as this had not been done this year. They wished to have it noticed that they were disgusted at the actions of the University club in it's colours nominations this year.

Meeting closed at 01:30.