Minutes of the inaugural meeting of the Spent Cases Shooting Club. Held on the 14th July 1996. Meeting started at 14·00.

1. Those present.

Peter Clarke
Jonathan Kemp (Micky)
Chris Manners

2. Election of the committee officers.

Peter Clarke was voted in as Chairman
Jonathan Kemp was voted in as Secretary
Chris Manners was voted in as Treasurer
The above were elected by those present to set up the club and will be in office until the club annual general meeting to be held sometime in March.

3. Opening of a Bank Account.

Micky reported that he had obtained details from the majority of the High Street Banks and given each one due consideration. In his opinion the choice for the club was between Barclays and Midland Bank. From the leaflets given the Midland Bank was the best option. Chris and Pete considered the accounts and agreed that this was the best option. Micky would set up the account on his return home. The signatures that will be required on a cheque will be two of the committee officers. Although it will not be officially stated on the bank mandate form one of these signatures must be the current treasurer, unless the cheque is to be made out in the name of the treasurer in which case the Chairman and Secretary will sign.

4. Affiliation to the University of Plymouth Shooting Club.

It was decided to offer the University of Plymouth Shooting Club an affiliation deal equivalent to £2 per member until our membership reaches 10. After this stage the deal will be set up in bands. The first of this will be 10 - 25 members and will be worth £40 per year.

5. Membership fees.

The membership fee as set by University of Plymouth Shooting Club for this year will be £12·50p. The subscriptions will be due in September of each year, and membership runs from the first of October.

6. Letters to members.

Micky will write to the old members of the University of Plymouth Shooting Club who have left in the last two years, detailing what the club is for and asking them to join.

7. A.O.B.

Micky asks if he can buy a few items to start the club up. These include a cash book, receipt book, envelopes and stamps. These were approved and he was informed to get receipts for all purchases.

Meeting closed at 15·45