Club Facilities

The club currently does all its shooting at Bisley in the heart of the Surrey countryside. The range complex boasts some of the best facilities in the world. All forms of shooting are catered for, from 6m Air Gun disciplines to 1200 yard Match Rifle.

The Lord Robert's Centre.

This complex was built for the 2002 Commonwealth Games. The range is built to International Standards and has ranges for air pistol, air rifle and .22 rifle. From the road the complex is not a great sight to behold, however, the interior is clean, bright and a superb shooting environment. The Complex is home to the National Small-Bore Rifle Association.The Club is affiliated to the NSRA and has the ability to book ranges at Lord Robert's Centre. The NSRA also provides the club's insurance.

An airgun range setup at The Lord Robert's Centre. The targets are all electronic so no arguments over the score, which is displayed on a monitor beside the shooters.

NRA Bisley Ranges.

The complex has several ranges for different uses. For rifle shooting Century, Stickledown and Short Siberia provide distances from 100 yards to 1200 yards.

Short Siberia is a sheltered range offering shooting at 100 to 200 yards. Century has firing points at 300, 500 and 600 yards. Shooting at 200 yards can be accommodated and there is a firing point at 400 yards. Both these distances are rarely used except for some competitions. Stickledown is the long distance range. Firing points are at 800, 900, 1000, 1100 and 1200 yards. Guns used on this range typically include 7.62mm, 5.56mm and .303, although it is possible to use guns upto .50 calibre. These ranges are also used for Black Powder rifle. The club usually shoots the standard target rifle discipline which consists of 2 sighting shots and 10 scoring shots.

Century Range at 300 yards.

Gallery rifle and Black Powder pistol can be shot on a number of ranges at Bisley. Mellville is a 25m and 50m range with automated turning targets. One bay on this range has been converted to the Advancing Man discipline, where the targets advance towards the firer from 25m until 10m when they turn away. Gallery rifles started to make an appearance after the ban on pistols in 1997, the two most common calibres used are .357 and .44, although there are a large number of different calibres available. The club predominantly shoots variations on the Police Pistol 1 and Service Pistol B competitions using the under lever carbines and the .22 semi-automatic rifles. Both of these disciplines involve shooting at different distances with variations on timing. Cheylesmore is a 25m range again allowing the use of carbines and a small number of black powder pistols. We also use these ranges for Archery.

Melville Range with Police Carbine targets.

Archery on Cheylesmore.

The London and Middlesex Rifle Association.

At Bisley there are a number of clubs which have differing facilities for their members. The club has chosen to affiliate to the LMRA. The clubhouse offers accommodation starting at £16 per night, food and a bar for members of affiliated clubs. There is also a full members bar and individual members of the association enjoy discounted prices on drinks and accommodation as well as cheap targets booked by the club.

The London & Middlesex Rifle Association Clubhouse.